Easter/Pentecost/OT Update

So I just realized that it has been waaaaaaay too long between blog posts. That is totally my fault and not Sr Christiana’s SORRY! I will try to be better.
Anyways onto the actual news.
Sr Christiana is in her apostolic year so that means that she is now helping out with the various apostolates, including giving confirmation retreats. Sister says it is rather nerve-wracking for her. Other than that things are going well.
The other exciting news is that Sr Christiana is no longer alone in the novitiate, rather they are now bursting at the seams with 3 others, making a total of four. She recounted one of their most recent adventures in her letter. “The entire novitiate tired to learn how to whistle, not the just whistle bit but the cool stick your finger in your mouth, round the troops kind. Someone at one of the fundraisers tried to teach Sister Gabrielle and she tried to teach us, I attempted to take a picture but both of the cameras had no chip as I had given them to SMJ for editing. Sr. Amanda did further research and gave us more tips after looking at a video and at the end of recreation we were able to make sounds that came out like whistling. More practice shall reveal if these tips were helpful.” Note on the names Sr Gabrielle is another novice, Sr Amanda is a postulant and SMJ is Sr. Mary Joanna.
As always if you have any questions/comments/or other messages please leave them in the comments section and I will pass them along to Sr Christiana in my next letter.
God Bless,

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Another Letter from Sr Christiana

A few days ago I received another letter from Sr Christiana. She had some more good news she wanted to share with all of you. As some of you know Sr Christiana had some health issues that landed her in the hospital for a bit. The doctors figured it out and have taken care of the issues but there was the matter of the bill. After insurance Sr Christiana had about $5,000 dollars in out of pocket expenses. She was able to pay off a chunk of it and then put the rest on a payment plan. She was paying it off with some of her savings and the help of her family. Sr Christiana then got the suggestion of asking the hospital for financial assistance. She made the request and it was approved!! They wrote off about $2,300 leaving the $600 physician’s bill which is just about paid off.  She was so excited to get this news. The Lord really does provide!

Overall she is doing well and just taking things one day at a time.

If you would like to drop Sr Christiana a line you can always leave it in the comments box and I will include it in my next letter to her.



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Hi! It has been a while since things have been posted here. Sorry! I guess this is what happens when one author is in religious life and the other is super busy. I almost forgot about this blog until Sr Christiana Marie asked me in her last letter to write an update for her. Thus without further ado is the update that Sr Christiana asked me to post.

“Sister Christiana Marie is doing well and adjusting to life in the convent.  She is grateful for the support of her formation director and the whole community. Sister is praying for all of you and is thankful for your prayers. Finally Sr Christiana has also promised to send updates at least every two months”

In her letter Sr Christiana included some pictures and she looks so happy! I will add the new updates as I get them, in the meantime check out the Sister’s Facebook they post pictures and info on a pretty regular basis.



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Hello from a novice

Hello there and a Blessed feast day of St. Agatha!

It’s been a whirlwind of a last few months trying to adjust to the novitiate and even more so to my canonical year. While life is going well, the detachment that no one prepared me for is something that I ask the Lord for help with everyday. In my discernments and preparation for entrance, I either I blocked out the part about detachment from self or I never thought about it. I was so focused on having a healthy detachment from the world, family, friends etc. that I never thought of the detachment that would be hardest of all, the detachment from self. Letting go of my preferences, my tendency to do things a certain way, my need for this or that etc has been a struggle.  Nevertheless it has been full of joys because through the struggles, I see God’s hand and I can feel His graces.  I can definitely see why some people think obedience is impossible to live but when one truly understands that vow though there may be difficulties, there is a joy and a peace in it that only God can give.

I am slowly letting go of the fear that “I can’t do this” and am instead trying to embrace it. In reality, I can’t do it because on my own this life would be impossible, a life of sacrifice is not something we have in ourselves to do on our own. It is something that the Lord gives us the strength and graces to go through.

I thought I appreciated the vocation to marriage but every day in the convent is making me realize how much of a sacrifice and a self-denial marriage is. It really is a sign of true love; for a man and a woman to die to themselves for the sake of each other, for the sake of their family is something I am trying to do for the sake of my community and the sake of my love for Christ. What’s harder in this life compared to marriage is that the one to whom I wish to espouse myself has already died for my sake and because He is perfection, I have no doubt that when there arise difficulties it is not because He is being selfish but because I am. Marriage is hard but I wager being a bride of Christ can be even harder, especially when you take into consideration any issues in said relationship is your fault and DEFINITELY not Christ’s.

I continue to thank God for all of you and keep you in my constant prayers, in addition to the daily rosary that I pray as a SMMC sister, I offer one in thanksgiving for all of you, my benefactors and for all of your intentions. I shall continue to do so as your generosity to me over the last couple of years has been without limit.

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to live out this call.

In Christ our Hope,
Sr. Christiana Marie

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New Novices!

Theresa here yet again.

Sr Dyna and Sr Erin are now novices! However the Sisters are making us work to find out their new names (and see the pictures).  They need 2.000 likes on their Facebook page before they will reveal their new names. Can you help out with this? Just head on over to their Facebook page and “like” it. I’m sure we will reach 2,000 very quickly!

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Hi Theresa here again!
I’m sure many of you have been keeping up with the Sister’s Facebook page but for those who have not there is some exciting news!
Sr Dyna (and Sr Erin) will be entering the novitiate on Saturday, the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome! If you want there is some fun going on over on the Facebook page guessing what names the two novices might receive. Go and take a look https://www.facebook.com/SistersOfMaryMotherOfTheChurch

I hope you will keep both Sr Dyna and Sr Erin in your prayers as they begin the next stage in their formation.

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An update

My dear supporters and prayer warriors,

How are you? Yes I am still here and yes I do still have permission to update the blog. However it has been so busy with classes and duties that I’ve barely had a few minutes to devote to writing an update.

Today as I work on my website duties, I have decided that I need to take the time to say a quick Hello and let you know how I am doing.

I don’t know whether or not I had mentioned that I was having bouts of vertigo but thanks be to God after a stint in the hospital, some visits and numerous testing with an ENT specialist as well as a neurologist, they have figured out the source of my issues. It is Migraines!!! I’ve been having what they call Migrainous vertigo. The good news is that they are able to control it with medication and I am doing my best to remember to take my medicine regularly (and so are the other sisters)

Sister Consuela is doing well (one more treatment to go) and God-willing I will be entering the novitiate in less than two weeks. I have asked for permission to let my family know my name before the community updates the website so I will be sure to let you all know of my new name as soon as I am able to get to a computer. I will hopefully be able to share with you all the reason for the names I had submitted.

I am still working on making rosaries to offer for donations (especially as I am still working on recent medical bills) I thank the Lord for my insurance, even though my portion of the overall bill is a bit heft, it is still great to know that thanks to all of your help I was able to acquire insurance and now do not have to worry about a $18,000 hospital bill. I will be working hard on getting pictures up over the next few weeks, please let me know if you are interested in anything that I put up.

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue my discernment, know that you are constantly in my prayers and that I remain forever grateful for the gift you have been to me over these last couple of years. Your encouragement and prayers have meant a lot to me and continues to strengthen me throughout the days.

Entrusting you to Our Lord,
Sr. Dyna

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Two months later ….

Today marks two months since I began my postulancy with the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church. It has been vastly different than what I thought it would be. Even though I had been living with the sisters during pre-candidacy and candidacy, I had not been fully living with them. Having had to leave before morning prayers and not returning until late afternoon, I never got to really experience a full day in the convent. I knew the day was not a “sunshine and lollipop” day but I didn’t realize how full and balanced it was. Needless to say, at the end of the day, I am never bored and can always fall asleep with no problem.

Sorry for the lack of updates from yours truly. At first it didn’t seem like I would be able to keep the blog going but I do have Mother’s go ahead to keep it up (as much as time allows) However as you have figured by now, it has been very hard to get to task. This blog post has been in the making since my second week in the postulancy. Since then, I have managed to get sick twice and even landed myself in the hospital. It would appear that there is something hinky going on with my inner ear and the doctors are still truing to figure it out. I will be sure to keep you up to date on that (well as time allows of course)

Speaking of how busy things have been, another reason I’ve not been able to post more regularly is our new website! (I know I’m blaming my lack of posting on everyone and everything but this is really good I promise) We have been working on launching a new website since May; May 13th to be exact. And last week, on the feast of Sts Joachim and Anne, we launched the website. Our new host is eCatholic and these guys are awesome. If you are in the market for a new website, please check them out. Their prices are reasonable, no scratch that. Their prices are just great!! and the service is phenomenal. Oh did I mention that they are Catholic? Oh yeah they are, so check them out http://www.ecatholicwebsites.com. Back to my point, we have a new website!!!!! and you can view it here….By the way, the address is http://www.sistersofmarymc.org or you can type the whole thing and go to http://www.sistersofmarymotherofthechurch.org.

Sooo….. the novitiate is fast around the corner and now that I am no longer occupied with thoughts of not being ready and questions such as “how will survive a canonical year” I am starting to get super excited. perhaps it is because I am also going to be seeing my family and dear friends in less than two weeks. I was fitted for my habit last week and sister Maria Consuela had me cutting (you’ll be glad to know I’m getting over my fear of cutting and ruining fabric) and I was shocked at how tiny I was. I tried to convince her that the fabric was not enough but then I put it against me and sadly the doll cut-outs did fit me, on top of that it’s a little big!😦.

Please keep my community in your prayers. As I am sure most of you are already aware, Sister Maria Consuela was diagnosed with cancer two months ago and earlier this month just began chemotherapy.  She is on her second round and things are going better than last time.  Of course there are up and down days but as is the case with life, we just take it as it comes and trust the Lord to strengthen us.

About this time last year I was worrying about how my entrance would be a reality. Now I am trying to pinch myself to make sure that my impending entrance to the novitiate is indeed a reality. I will let you know if I wake up or not:).

You all have been so supportive with your spiritual and financial support that I cannot thank you enough. Please know that you are with me everyday and that I think of you, my wonderful supports often.  Whether it’s during Office, Mass, Meditation or a rosary walk; these thoughts of you are prayers;  prayers of thanksgiving, prayers for your intentions and prayers begging the Lord to continue to bless you and to use you to bless others. Only God knows how thankful I am for all of your help, I have entrusted each and everyone of you to His care and I trust and know that He will richly reward your generosity.

I know I promised you guys pictures from my postulancy and most of them are up on the new website (another reason to take a look) but there are a couple more that I notice didn’t get put in the album so we’ll consider these exclusives for my blog readers and I’ll be sure to have these up for you soon…ish.

Blessed feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola (p.s. I love him)
Sr. Dyna

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This is Theresa again. I’m a friend of Dyna’s and she added me as an author a couple of months ago so I could update the blog once she enters. Which leads to the very exciting news……….




Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow she will officially become a postulant!

Please pray for her as she takes this next big step. I’ll try to keep things updated around here as things happen

God Bless!

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Mea culpa, mea culpa

I received two gentle nudges over the last couple of days reminding me to update this blog and let everyone know how things are going. I looked and realize that my last post was almost a month ago, I am so sorry! There has been a lot going on with me and within the community.   Sister Maria Magdalena who has been in Mexico for over a year trying to get her immigration paperwork sorted out has received her visa approval and will be home soon!

I entered the community as a candidate on May 1st, the feast of St. Joseph the worker and it so exciting! I have been working on getting things sorted out for the big day. I have submitted my insurance application for the plan that I chose and I am hoping to have it approved soon. I don’t’ foresee any problems but you never know so please keep me in your prayers.  Life as a candidate is not super different except I am in my jumper pretty much all of the time and I wear a little veil/mantilla when I am in chapel.

Fundraising is going very well, I received a generous donation from the women of St. Therese circle at Blessed Sacrament Parish that helped cover the cost of my home visit in August and a month of insurance.  As of today, I have three weeks left until my postulancy; I spoke with my boss on Wednesday to advise him that I will be leaving and right before signing off I made it official by sending him an email; it actually was not as bad as I feared it would be.  I am not anxiously awaiting the next three weeks and what comes next; with my upcoming 1 1/2 paycheck and the fundraising that the ladies will be doing on my behalf, I believe that I will have what I need to meet my insurance needs until God-willing I make first vows.

Please pray that I can complete my last three weeks with no issues, lately it has been slow at work and they have ended up sending folks home early on many occasions. The great thing about my job is that it has been a real grace to work there and to confront myself more and more and learn everyday to embrace opportunities to grow in patience, understanding and charity. I hope and pray that I continue to see these last three weeks at work as an opportunity to grow in virtue.

As I prepare for May 31st, I think about the things that I need to do to wrap things up. I have scheduled my dentist appointment and I am working on getting my physical scheduled. Please pray that I can get an appointment next week sometime so that I can finalize my new insurance. I realized that I still didn’t get an alarm clock:) I have been using my phone as an alarm and as of May 31st it will be going back to my sister, so I need to rush in getting an alarm clock because I will not be able to use my phone anymore. I also need to get used to falling asleep without sound as I have been using my phone and the recorded talks that I have saved to help me fall asleep. Perhaps I can make recordings of homilies and listen to them while I sleep, how could would that be??!!!

I am still working on a way to keep you guys updated as I begin formation as a postulant, stay tuned and I will be sure to let you know once I have figured out something with Mother and SrMC. Speaking of the sisters, please keep our community in your prayers as we prepare for the come and see that will be from May 31st – June 2nd; that the Holy Spirit gently guide the young ladies who will be coming to discern with us.

United in Our Lord,

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